12 Week Wellness Transformation Program + OAT

12 Week Wellnes + OAT


$2500 comprehensive program for $1600 plus the cost of testing ($229 for DFS+C, $309 for OAT). This is a savings of $362. A comprehensive 12-week plan to help you move from where you are now with your health to where you want to be. This program includes an IgG Delayed Food Sensitivity Test that tests for 190 foods plus candida/yeast, an Organics Acids Test (OAT) that is a comprehensive metabolic snapshot and evaluation of the gut health/gut microbiome as well as yeast,/bacteria markers, vitamins, minerals, neurotransmitters, oxalates, and oxidative stress, and a personalized nutrition and coach plan created for your specific needs/goals, relevant educational materials specific to your health journey, personalized support via phone/email/text/zoom so you don't have to wait for your next appointment to get the help and support you need, and our access to our HIPPA portal so you have access to everything you need in one secure place.

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