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Body Language Employee


Body Language Awareness ENGAGES people By Unifying Your Organizations Message. Employee Workshop 10 Employees or more.%0AYour organization only has one chance to make a First Impression multiple times every day. Decisions about funding you, becoming an employee or volunteer, or enrolling in one of your services are made almost instantaneously based on first impressions.%0ABody Language, nonverbal communication that richly transmits information, does not have to be random messages that confuse rather than clarify. Imagine if everyone associated with your organization delivered the same message about your mission, your hopes and your goals without saying a word.%0AThink about the First Impressions and Ongoing Impressions that your organization currently sends. Do the handyman and the receptionist deliver the same welcoming smile and gestures that your senior leadership team does? What does a potential employee think of the organization once they leave the interview?%0ABody Language Awareness provides the basis for common messaging and understanding among those within your organization. More than 50 percent of every message is communicated through body language. But, most people do not use Body Language Awareness to understand body language messages that are not being verbalized by clients or customers. Those with Body Language Awareness can take action to address concerns without waiting for the question.%0AThe interactive 75-minute presentation workshop includes lecture, individual practice, small group work, and real life examples. Participants leave the session with mastery of a set of 9 new body language awareness skills to apply immediately. They will never ignore their feet again!

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