4 Week Course | July 22-August 12, 2020

Elevate Referrals


Wednesdays, July 22nd - August 12th 3:00 - 4:30 pm PDT/6:00 - 7:30 pm EDT (Zoom link provided upon registration) %0A%0ADo you get referrals consistently and predictably or by chance? Do you get the referrals you want for your business? %0A%0ABusiness owners understand the value of referrals but they don’t often have control over their referral business. Referral marketing is the most effective form of marketing for businesses with limited marketing budgets.%0A%0AIf you are willing to invest the time to learn specific referral marketing strategies, tools, and techniques you can double, even triple your sales in months without spending additional marketing dollars. Attend this 90 minute workshop on how to make referral marketing work for your business.%0AIf you don’t have a referral marketing plan for your business, this course is a must! You will learn how to develop a strategic referral network, who should be in it, how to find them, and how to motivate those people to refer business to you.%0A%0AThis workshop will open your eyes to the possibilities of generating more sales in less time by doing business by relationship. Unless you can find more time and work harder than you already are, you can’t afford to miss this course. You will learn some specific techniques that will enable you to really work smarter, not harder.%0A%0ATopics covered: %0AReferral Marketing: Simple, Not Easy%0AYour Referral Network%0A3 Core Competencies for Referral Marketing%0AReferral Facts%0AThe Vision for Your Referral Success%0AUnderstanding the Steps to the Referral Process%0AWhat Can Go Wrong in the Referral Process%0AThe V.C.P. Process%0ATraditional Sales vs. Relationship Sales%0ATraditional Prospecting vs. Using Referral Sources%0AWhat is Your Referral Percentage? %0ATraining Your Referral Sources%0ABONUS: Receive a 30-minute one-on-one Strategy Session at completion of course. ($250 value) %0A%0AAmanda Schneider is an award-winning, international speaker and trainer who is passionate about supporting vision and mission-driven entrepreneurs learn how to communicate more effectively and deepen relationships in their network. Amanda considers herself a student for life, believing if you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing. She continually engages in personal and business development to hone her expertise and provide relevant coaching and content to her own clients. She combines these key learnings with her unique experience from over twenty years in the corporate, education and direct selling spaces to deliver and facilitate powerful and transformative training and coaching to her clients

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