Trading Rules

Vendvana is the premier trade exchange in the United States. What makes us unique is our clients' strong desire to bring excellent quality, full service, and fair market value to the system. To preserve and strengthen the Vendvana as the premier trade exchange, we ask that you agree to the following policies when becoming a Vendvana member:

1. I agree to sell my goods and services as listed in the directory on a 100% trade basis. If I feel that an exception is warranted, I will contact my Local Vendvana Concierge for approval prior to making the sale.

2. I agree to sell my goods and services at fair market value. This means that I can charge full retail value. I also understand that having a separate trade price from cash price will not be tolerated by Vendvana.

3. I agree that I will provide full service to other Vendvana members before, during, and after the sales process. I agree to act in a professional business manner in any dealings with other members.

4. I understand that Vendvana members are professional business owners all working towards a common goal of preserving the honesty and integrity of the Vendvana. I understand that if I violate any of the above policies that I may be removed from the system. I also will let my local Vendvana Concierge know of anyone that I may encounter who violates this policy.

5. Direct Trading - I, as a member of I agree to immediately notify my Vendvana Concierge if I am approached by another member from the Vendvana Network, or within our alliance of Trade Exchanges, to either purchase or sell directly with that member outside of the Vendvana platform. I understand that this practice is cause for immediate termination of membership.

6. Limited Blackout Dates - Vendvana members are encouraged to participate in using the system to its fullest extent. However, members can limit their participation based on an agreed upon accumulation limit and spending plan. Vendvana will monitor from time to time any excessive abuse in blocking of services to other members.

We, at Vendvana, look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you and your company. We strive to help you grow your business by lowering your ongoing expenses, connecting you with new customers and increasing your annual profit. Additionally, we look forward to building our network together through local training, networking and business expos locally, regionally, and nationally. By agreeing to the above policies, you have helped to strengthen your overall experience with the entire team, so thank you and happy trading!